Retro!Ste Clips

I thought there was something there. I was wrong.


or is this what it means to be human?

He seems quiet but there’s a real passion there. A real lust.


In the FleshSeries 2  Kieren Walker’s first meeting with Simon Monroe.

"On Kieren. Deep down Simon has touched a nerve." (x)
Just in case someone is interested:


The lovely monroesimon asked me to send her a few Stendan clips in HD so I’ve decided to make the links public so that everyone can download them.

Brendan slaps Ste’s ass and fucks him on the counter

"Daddy Brendan loves bugs, doesn’t he?"

"Who did that?" "Daddy Brendan!"

"I have changed"

Let me know if there are any problems with the links and enjoy!

it’s getting dark around these parts


I just wanted to make something different and maybe funny with Stendan for a change… hope someone will like)