This is what I want to do with my life - bake bread with my gay lover.

Red shirt cellar kiss

Brendan sleeps with Ste

Brendan and Ste in bed

Brendan and Ste kiss in the cellar again (Amy sees)

Brendan and Ste have sex in the office and are caught

Ste tells Brendan that Rae won’t forgive him

Brendan worries about whether to go home with Declan (Stendan have…

simon monroe + f a c e l e s s

simon monroe + f a c e l e s s


Stendan in Dublin | HQ*

*mostly HD, some bits are a little patchy

(if there’s demand I’m willing to make the ‘coupley’ Dublin scenes available for download in real HD [not the patchy quality in this episode] but please give me a few days) 

Pre-Dublin kiss in HD (blocked in UK and sound is not correct)

Feel free to download

New Emmett fans: what is Hollyoaks
New Emmett fans: how many seasons does it have
New Emmett fans: is Emmett in many episodes
New Emmett fans: what do you mean the shows been on since 1996
Stendan 101: The ultimate fanatic’s guide (Part 2)



Thank you for your wonderful reception to Part 1! 

Here’s the more interesting Part 2 featuring a detailed guide to specific episodes and the little behind-the-scene touches! 

Part 3 coming soon.

Part Two: Episodes etc…

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"I just wanna say a big thank you to all the fans out there who have shown their love and loyalty towards me over these last two and a half years."